I’m so excited to be learning a new skill, and I hope it makes it easier to communicate with all my wonderful colleagues in the Adult Division.


How to enlarge text when reading a web page: Sometimes text on a web page may be too small and difficult to read. You can enlarge it by pressing and holding CTRL and rolling the scroll bar button, located in the middle of your mouse, towards you. You will see the letters get larger. If you roll it away from you they get smaller.

How to quickly get back to your desktop when you have Windows open or are on the Internet:

Press: Windows key +D

The Windows key alone will bring up the Start menu.

Summer classes started today. Be sure to change to Term 4, 2007 to see your roster and be able to take attendance.

In order to comment on this blog you will need to create a user-name and password. It only takes a few minutes: Read …. (more…)

A Blog is an active web-page where other people can contribute their ideas. It is a little like what newsgroups used to be.  There are many kinds of blogs now. The word Blog comes from Web Log.  People create blogs for all kinds of reasons. Some have them for business, some for family and friends to keep people updated on what is going on.  They are becoming increasingly popular in education as a way to keep teachers connected and informed.

Use ctrl+s to quickly save a document.

Use ctrl+a to highlight a whole document.

Use ctrl+c to copy.

Use ctrl+v to paste.