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Several of us attended the CCAE/COABE conference in San Francisco.   Please share at least three things that you learned and any websites you may have written down.  Was there something that you learned that you think you will use with your students?   You can click on comments above this post.   If this is your first post,  it will appear after I have approved it. (FYI-This WordPress account is free so unfortunately, they have started including ads-please ignore).

The theme of the conference was mostly focused on two areas: 

  1. Transitioning ESL students to the workforce and/or post-secondary education
  2.  Online/distance learning for adult education.

I attended a couple of sessions on transitioning ESL students/21st Century skills and writing strategies.   I previously thought that this was mostly applicable to the higher levels, but learned that  we really need to begin introducing this at the lower levels and align our program towards that goal.  There were some good ideas on teaching writing at all levels.

I also attended a workshop  about professional development for teachers that want to learn to teach online.  Programs across the country are looking at online learning as a way to serve more students in adult ed.  In order to implement something like this,  schools are realizing that teachers need training before implementing online learning on a larger scale.

The other two workshops I attended were technology related.  One was on how to teach technology skills to pre-literate students. There were some good resources and interesting ideas.  The other workshop was about various resources in technology presented by LINCS-Literacy Information and Communication Systems.  One of the sites he showed us was  It is a site where you can save your bookmarks.  Because it is online,  you are able to access your bookmarks anywhere.  I have used this before and it find it to be useful.

Other links: 


…or why I want to blog.

I can disseminate information – and there’s a lot of need for that – AND you can share your reactions, suggestions and complaints with me and other teachers, if you want.

I may solicit advice and preferences from you and your students that is useful to other colleagues as well.

Unlike the e-mail inbox or my archaic paper filing system, our communication is ordered chronologically by subject.  (No doubt this will come in handy as a  memory crutch on occasion.)

So, what do you think? Do you think you will use this form of communication? How long do you suggest we wait before a follow-up to consider how well (or not) it’s working to keep us abreast of the news as it unfolds at Jefferson Adult Ed.?

On Friday, April 2, 2010, Jefferson Adult Education will host a CALPRO workshop on Managed Enrollment from 9am-12pm.  It will be held at Serramonte Del Rey in the Galleria.  To register go to CALPRO. Select Event Calendar on the left side bar.  Hope to see you there.

From Diana Rumney:

This past Wed. Sept. 30th a group of ESL, ASE and CTE instructors met to share how this first month of classes has gone for them, discuss common issues and challenges, share solutions and explore opportunities for integrating vocational skills into these three programs focused on workforce development. As a consequence of identifying areas where we can strengthen our academic program, two work groups were formed. The “Managed Enrollment” (to include testing/accountability, student contracts and orientation) committee is headed by Nina Woolsey with the participation of Andy Solomon, Sarah Sherwood and Jim Vogt. The “Course Outline Update” group (which includes integrating employability and staff development) is headed by Richard Baugh with the participation of Francisca Wentworth and Francisca Pillazar. Contact either of the group leaders if you would like to join one of these work groups. Both committees will report on their progress at the next faculty meeting: Wednesday, Nov. 18th at 12:30 – again you must bring your own lunch – that all instructional staff is invited to attend. Our goal is to put into place the committee’s recommendations for improving our enrollment process at Serramonte for the Spring 2010 semester. The goal for finishing the course outline updates for ESL and ASE courses is by the end of the Spring 2010 semester. I wish to thank those of you who attended for your positive energy and creativity in working together to improve our adult education program.

Also an article of interest: Cuts to basic skills classes hurt workforce

The Northern California CATESOL conference will be on Nov. 7, 2009 at Mt. Diablo Adult School. For more information go to the CATESOL website.

There are a few calendars where you can sign up for professional development courses. OTAN offers many courses online. Go to:
You will need to become an OTAN member first. Go to: and sign in or create your account. Then you will see a page that has a list of training opportunites. Also listed are CALPRO courses. Take advantage of these free opportunities to learn more things.

The Bay Area Chapter of CATESOL will be hosting a spring half-day conference on Saturday, May 30. It will be held at Alliant International University at One Beach Street, on the second floor, in San Francisco.

Registration:11:30-12:30 PM. Presentations are from 12:30-3:00 PM. From 3:00-4:00 PM there will be a reception.
You can’t beat the price. $10 in advance for CATESOL members/$15 at the door. Non-CATESOL members pay $15 in advance and $20 at the door.
Hope to see you there.

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