ESL instructors, Francisca P., Francisca W., Jim V., Kay J. and Stephanie T., and I met today. Jim shared news from the CASAS Institute, including various models of collaboration between adult ESL and other educational programs that focus on workforce development. We agreed to:

  1. strengthen our partnerships with ROP and Skyline College
  2. focus on “transitions” in the ESL Committed Enrollment Orientation for new students 
  3.  identify essential skills required for student success beyond ESL instruction and stress workforce training and post-secondary education in our curriculum. 

Increasing and strengthening collaboration and workforce development will continue to be an on-going commitment, and the ESL faculty is invited to participate in building the bridges to GED, Skyline College and vocational training; contact Francisca W. if interested in being on the task force to address the transition from advanced ESL to Skyline.

We discussed how to start the Fall 2010 ESL program at Serramonte Adult with continuing and new students. We decided the process will be as follows:

  • Before July 1st, each teacher gives Doreen a list of continuing students and their class assignments for the Fall Semester.  
  • Monday, August 23rd, 10:00 – 12:00. ESL staff will assist with committed enrollment orientation and CASAS testing for new students.
  • Tuesday, August 24th, in-house staff development, time TBD. New student orientation and testing at 5:30 pm; need for teacher assistance contingent on number of students who sign up.
  • Wednesday, August 25th, start of semester. Minimum (2 hour) class period. Orientation and CASAS testing only for returning students in classrooms.
  • Thursday, August 26th new and continuing students are in class together and “away we go”!