I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the many congratulatory wishes that I’ve received. I’d like to share with you the essence of my remarks at the awards dinner, because a good part of the message is for you. Paraphrasing: This ACSA award has special significance as we reach the conclusion of 09-10, the first school year of a radical shift in the way adult ed. is funded and functions. It is acknowledgement of the steadfast commitment to adult education of the JUHSD Board of Trustees, the administrative team’s unwavering support for the integral role adult ed plays in the District, and recognition of the instructors and support staff. Not only have they (ie. you) been called upon to “do more with less”, but have made the leap to propose and develop new systems to improve our delivery and accountability of instructional services. The economic crisis has caused a decrease in funding while there has been an increase in demand, and the JUHSD adult ed instructors have responded with flexibility and creativity in proposing solutions so we may continue to provide services that allow our adult students to complete secondary education, acquire job skills, provide support to school-age children, and enhance English language, literacy and knowledge to become active participants in our community. This recognition is really for all of you!