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To  link to our WASC Self-Study Wiki page, click on JAE WASC 2009 Self-Study Report on the right under “Links.”  Other links can be found under the “Pages” title in the sidebar.

What is a blog?  Watch this video about blogs.

A Blog is an active web-page where other people can contribute their ideas. It is a little like what newsgroups used to be.  There are many kinds of blogs now. The word Blog comes from Web Log.  People create blogs for all kinds of reasons. Some have them for business, some for family and friends to keep people updated on what is going on.  They are becoming increasingly popular in education as a way to keep teachers connected and informed.

How do I subscribe to this blog?

In order to subscribe and be able to comment on this blog you will need to register by creating a user-name and password. It only takes a few minutes: You can do this easily by clicking on   “comment” under any post.  Scroll down and click on create an account. Put in a username and a password. Then click on either Gimmie a blog if you want to have your own blog, or on username only. This will allow you to comment on any blog within WordPress.   If you need more help with this, please contact Francisca.

To subscribe to this blog and receive e-mail alerts when there are new posts, please click on Subcribe to Jefferson Adult Education Teachers by e-mail under Categories in the side bar.

Posts and Information

Go to this page for ongoing and updated posts. The posts on top are the most recent. You can scroll down to look at previous posts.  You can also click on a category to view posts related to it. For example, if you want to read all posts under WASC, click on the WASC category.


6 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Francisca Wentworth Says:

    It will be fun when we all start blogging!

  2. jdelb Says:

    I’m in!!!!!!!!!! yeah! Looking forward to next week!?! Anyone else???

  3. vogt1950 Says:

    Congratulations…….you blogger, you!

    1. tinoteacher Says:

      pretty good ha!

  4. nwoolsey Says:

    Wow I made it!


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